Hi I hope someone can help me with a question I have.

We have just recently installed a wireless network and we have brought 30 laptops to try out on the new wireless.

Try to manage Ip addresses for these wireless devices I wish to dedicate a subnet range for just these wireless laptops.

Could anyone possibly tell me how I could do this.

We currently have 4 separate subnets. We have a 10.122.84 - 10.122.87 and I would like to use our 10.122.87.* subnet for just wireless devices. Its currently used for our VPN connection at the moment and not many IP addresses are used in this range.

We have 2 wireless managed switches which manage our wireless network. Would I need to setup a DHCP range on these. Currently this is disabled on the wireless switches.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be most appreciated.