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Wireless Networks Thread, Will it work? in Technical; Okay, So I've been thinking more about my Laptop problem http://www.edugeek.net/forums/how-do...tudents-3.html I'm thinking... Hardcase Pro 421 rugged Laptop with their ...
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    Will it work?

    Okay, So I've been thinking more about my Laptop problem

    Laptops for students

    I'm thinking...

    Hardcase Pro 421 rugged Laptop

    with their batteries removed and a

    ZyXEL PLA-401 200Mbps Powerline HomePlug - Misco.co.uk

    The question is...

    Will one of the Powerline ethernet adapters work when plugged into a socket doubler with the Laptop PSU?

    Single Mains Socket
    Socket Doubler -------- Powerline Ethernet
    | |
    Laptop PSU -------------- Laptop (no battery)
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    I'm sure it will work and it's quite a nice idea. I'd imagine that you would tie-wrap the network cable to the power lead so that you've effectively got one wire going to the mains socket(s)

    The powerline system must be behaving like a network hub; this means that you are limited because the bandwidth is shared. They're claiming 200Mbit; when that's shared out you're going to get much less but it should still be way better than wireless (which will also be shared and starts at 54Mbit at best)

    Check the size/shape of the powerline blocks and the two way sockets you're thinking of using - you need to make sure it all fits.

    How much are the laptops (I never trust companies that don't put prices on their web sites!)? I'm guessing you do need splash proof for lab use but sometimes the extra tough laptops are a stupid price and it might be better to just buy spares of more basic machines and accept that some will die.

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    I've had those powerline adapters working from one side of a building to a 4-gang on the other side, along with a projector and laptop so you should be fine.

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