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Wireless Networks Thread, Building a VoIP system in Technical; Even cheap VoIP phones tend to be VLAN and/or QoS aware these days. In most cases there's no issue with ...
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    Even cheap VoIP phones tend to be VLAN and/or QoS aware these days. In most cases there's no issue with using the phone's switch port, that's what it's there for If you're auth'ing to the switch on MAC, just auth two MACs.
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    I don't know how to build voip phone system because I am also a user. My friend told me that you can save money through this service. Butt the standard call that we used is really expensive.
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    To add to this zombie thread... the "pass thru" on our aastra 53i phones works fine. If anyone tells you you need a load of complicated QoS setups they're pulling your leg. You should have seen the shabby switches I started our voip system on 5 years ago.

    Only thing i'd add to that is most 'phones only have a 10/100 switch in em, so if you want gig..

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    I use 3CX free, its windows based SIP server, took me about 1 hour to setup 6 extensions. Free SIP server / VoIP PBX for Windows - 3CX. The free edition is a fully functional product and it supports an unlimited number of extensions and does NOT time out.

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