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Wireless Networks Thread, Proper network cabling in Technical; Originally Posted by Michael As for patching fibre, I've mostly seen direct runs switch to switch. There really is little ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    As for patching fibre, I've mostly seen direct runs switch to switch. There really is little need as you wouldn't/shouldn't be moving it regularly. When Birmingham rolled out fibre internet connections to every school, they did patch the fibre. I suppose there's no right or wrong answer here and can save anywhere between 50 to 100 for a fibre patch panel. I suppose if you're having a large network installation, it is quite significant and is an after thought.
    You might not move the fibre connections much, but what if you're patching other things, and happen to catch your fibre feed? You could end up snapping the ridiculously skinny fibres and voila, you've got a multi-hundred pound repair job on your hands. All for the sake of a 50 box.

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    I would disagree on that point whilst it is technically possible it isn't ideal and repatching is a nightmare.
    Well then we're in agreement. It is possible, but I personally wouldn't do it. I wouldn't be able to tell which cable is from where and it would look an absolute mess!

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    Quote Originally Posted by old_fogey View Post
    Try this document link, it's nice and simply written


    I hope is helps

    Any questions let me know, I have worked for many large corporations installing data cabling, including fibre etc.
    That looks familiar :-)

    I think the whole of our stuff on cabling standards is public.

    Some of it is very specific to Imperial but there is good info in there on good ways of working.

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