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Wireless Networks Thread, Networks - Christmas ideas (VLE, desktop backgrounds etc etc.) in Technical; I'm trying to think of some ideas that maybe we could do with our VLE and/or network over the christmas ...
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    Networks - Christmas ideas (VLE, desktop backgrounds etc etc.)

    I'm trying to think of some ideas that maybe we could do with our VLE and/or network over the christmas period. In the past at other schools I've seen and done the basic stuff like a simple script on the VLE/Intranet to create a snowfall effect or using software like BGInfo to change the background across the network to a festive theme. These are old now though and everyone seems to do the same thing. What other ideas do people use?

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    I have an Xmas lighting effect that the kids seem to like, you realise how immature some of the A Level students are when they all log on and see it for the first time... I find it the most annoying thing in the world...I warn the staff that it will be there, for December, though, as a few years back we had a new tech who thought it was a virus...

    The trouble with BGInfo and changing the desktop background, is that most of them make the icons hard to read, and once you start doing it for one festival, you have to do it for all of them... There was one holiday that people complained that Google hadn't done anything special for.. you don't want to get into that position.

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    Before I started to use bginfo I just used the std gpo setting and changed the desktop pick to a nice xmas scene, then changed it back before new year, unfortunatly for every user who had logged on it cached the old xmas wallpaper and took ages for the propper wallpaper to permeate through, had some users getting xmas scene's at easter lol

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    Stays exactly how it is the rest of the year.
    I'm a boring fart like that

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    Well howay people, show us your wallpapers

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    We have added the snow effect to our website and plasma screens across school, and christmas songs will be played through the screens into the dining hall when the students are eating their lunch. I change the logon page, but tend to leave the background as it is for two reasons - sometimes it is difficult to see the icons and sometimes we have the issue where santa clause is still sitting on your desktop at Easter!

    Not wanting to dampen the Christmas spirits, but I think we may need to remember that some religions do not celebrate Christmas. Do we celebrate the other events using ICT for other religions.

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    I tend to stick to traditional British festivals if I'm going to do this - mainly due to the fact that 90% of the schools population are british (well - Chav) so the majoirity rule in this case

    So that includes Xmas, New Year, Burns Night, St Valentines, Easter, St Georges, St Andrews, etc etc etc...

    May not be "politically correct" but - then neither am I.. and to date no one has complained...

    And no.. my name was not on that leaked list

    DISCLAIMER - These are entirely MY views and my views alone, and do not reflect the views of my employer...

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    Stays the same as the rest of the year... yes i'm a grumpy git...

    My reasoning is that being a boarding school with pupils from every corner of the world i'd be spending my life changing the backgrounds for different festivels.
    Last edited by dave.81; 3rd December 2008 at 08:43 AM.

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    My school uses crappy winsuite.

    The schools logo is in the top right corner so i'm planning on changing that, just havent got round to it yet. I changed it to pudsey during children in need and the kids seemed to like that.

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    Move all your kit outside into the night snow untill you get a light convering and then move it back inside saying that your just bringining the xmas mood inside

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