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Wireless Networks Thread, Neoteris, Secure Session, Java in Technical; Okay question for anyone who uses Neoteris for the VPN solution... I'm regularly finding that all of a sudden Java ...
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    Neoteris, Secure Session, Java

    Okay question for anyone who uses Neoteris for the VPN solution...

    I'm regularly finding that all of a sudden Java becomes a pain with the secure session manager for RDC's to the servers.

    Goes all cannot connect to localhost:XRANDOMPORTX on me.

    County seems to think it's because when Java updates it breaks the configuration. On occasions Java hasn't even updated and it's broken.

    I've tried cache cleaning, not allowing caching, complete Java uninstalls and reinstalls but completely fresh O/S is the only way I seem to be able to get things working again.

    Isn't ideal by any means at all... anyone faced this issue/got a fix?

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    Had all sorts of weird and wonderful issues with neoteris. The usual one is that it doesnt like some versions of Java.

    Also currently I have the issue you have on Vista. I've checked firewall settings, java settings and all other settings I can think of and it still doesnt work.
    Now and again we do have an issue when county are doing updates or something so it drops the connection, although this doesnt usually last long.

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