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Wireless Networks Thread, LogMeIn and Equiinet CachePilot in Technical; Hi. In one or two of my schools (primary) the authority are swapping out the existing Freedom2 box for Equiinet's ...
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    LogMeIn and Equiinet CachePilot

    Hi. In one or two of my schools (primary) the authority are swapping out the existing Freedom2 box for Equiinet's CachePilot. Everything's working fine with the exception of my LogMeIn accounts - after they visit each school LogMeIn is no longer accessible. The roll out has only started in my schools this week so I've not had the opportunity to look into it. I'm new to CachePilot but I believe it's used extensively in schools. I'm visiting one of the schools affected later today. Any ideas on how to get LogMeIn working greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Try adding *logmein.com to the allowed list (if you can get at it). Seems to work for most of the other filters.


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    hi, we have equinets cachepilot but the logmein accounts work fine here the version we have is 4.1.8,

    im thinking that maybe the LEA have blocked it, or you could phone easynet up and ask to unblock the port it uses?

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