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Wireless Networks Thread, Using 3g broadband alongside existing network in Technical; I've got flaky broadband at home so I use a 3g connection as (regular) backup. This uses a USB dongle. ...
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    Using 3g broadband alongside existing network

    I've got flaky broadband at home so I use a 3g connection as (regular) backup. This uses a USB dongle. I could connect to the internet using the 3g app on the stick and still use my NAS/networked printers on my home network, only internet traffic was routed over the 3g connection.

    I've got a new laptop and it has an internal HSDPA card, which I hoped would remove the need for a great plastic sausage hanging out of the side of my laptop. It's a Dell and uses their Wireless Manager software to manage the network connection. It connects fine to the 3g network, but if I am connected to my home network wirelessly at the same time all traffic is routed over Wifi and so any web pages time out.

    Is it possible to force internet traffic to use the 3g connection? I'm sure it is possible because the (nasty) software on the USB stick did just this. I've never had to deal with connections on multiple networks before so I'm a bit out of my depth.

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    So long as the IP address being assigned to the HSDPA is not in the same IP range as your wifi, you can add a static route to the machine.

    This means, you tell it to send all non-local traffic to the HSDPA device, and all LAN traffic via the wireless.

    HowTo: Add persistent Static Routes in Windows | ItsyourIP.com

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    Is the new dell vista? ditch vista and all your problems will go away

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    Surely your wireless won't have a gateway address, so Windows should use the 3g.

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