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Wireless Networks Thread, Display network status at login screen in Technical; Hi, Has anyone come across a network utility that will display the status of network cards at the logon screen ...
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    Display network status at login screen


    Has anyone come across a network utility that will display the status of network cards at the logon screen BEFORE a user logs on? Preferably i want to display Wireless connection status so a user can check if they have connectivity to a domain controller before logging in.

    Obviously this is really just a work around as i wouldn't need this utility if the wireless network was reliable. Having said that it might be useful to some people.

    Once you are logged in there are many such as

    Bandwidth Monitor - Monitor Bandwidth, Network Bandwidth Monitor, Bandwidth Monitor Software
    and a few yahoo widgets
    Searching for wifi - Yahoo! Widgets

    I was looking at these because we hide the system tray in our group policy for students and i wanted an other way to show the network status as it sometimes drops out after logon too

    The problem I had with the yahoo widget was that i wanted to lock it down so kids could not change the settings of the widget but I gave up trying to get it to work for other users (just the user I made the setting with and I tried putting the settings in a default profile)

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    I haven't seen any, I had this exact same thought a few months ago you could run a script wmi etc... to check and then update the login background to reflect this.

    Or look at a decent wireless supplicant such as the odessey client.


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