Im looking at setting up a VPN. Our network is connected to a larger network which in turn is connected to the internet. Ive just installed smoothwall express and was all excited by the built in VPN capability which allows you to connect to smoothwall protected lans together over the net via ipsec VPN.


It wants the red (external) interface to have a static, public facing IP. Then theres stuff about NAT getting in the way (dont fully understand this - new sorry)

Can the larger network assign my smoothwall box a public facing IP (provided from its ISP i presume)?

Will NAT get in the way?

Is NAT always used when you connect to the internet via a 2nd netwrok like this? Whats the difference between a NATed connection in this scenario and a Routed connection or are they one in the same?

We dont have to use smoothwall vpn, would open vpn be easier to setup, or tinc?

Hope someone can help.