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Wireless Networks Thread, Logon script .reg in Technical; The message about UNC paths is informational - it's not an error and you can ignore it. As I understand ...
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    The message about UNC paths is informational - it's not an error and you can ignore it.

    As I understand it, you've got a script which is mapping drives - that presumably has something like:

    net use X: \\server\share1
    net use Q: \\server\share2
    so what you want to do is add to that so it looks like this:

    net use X: \\server\share1
    net use Q: \\server\share2
    regedit /s \\server\share\silver.reg
    You need to find a safe place to put the silver.reg file - a possibility is the netlogon share and you can access this by putting:
    regedit /s %logonserver%\netlogon\silver.reg
    What I think you've done is put the .reg file in the policies section of your sysvol share (you get there when you create a group policy to specify a logon script) and just say that the .reg is the script. This will work but there's no way you can stop the prompt - regedit runs in "normal" mode and isn't silent.

    You could specify the logon program to be regedit /s silver.reg but the problem is that regedit won't know where to look for the .reg file - this is why it's easier to put it in a defined location (like netlogon) and call it from a batch file

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    regarding the change across the entire network, thats why i was asking how your network was set up. if your logon scripts are running from AD on the server then you make the reference to the .reg file in that script(s) and share the .reg file from the server. if your doing it locally you'll have to either visit each machine or remote into them and drag the files into the required folders.

    as for your error message, attach your .bat file as txt like you did with the .reg file and i'll have a look...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arge View Post
    Hi there, I've done this before to merge a registry change for users' keyboard layout. Not sure how your script is structured, but mine was tagged onto the bottom of the user's logon script as follows:

    %systemroot%\regedit.exe /s \\<your-server-name>\<your-hidden-share-name>\<your-registry-filename>.reg

    the /s after "regedit.exe" makes it a silent merge so the user doesn't have to intervene.

    hope that helps...let me know,

    I need to merge a registry fragment at logon but my users do ot have permission to run scripts so it gets denied? Is there a way to authenticate somehow just for a script?

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