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Wireless Networks Thread, Censornet Authentication in Technical; Hi All, We have just installed Censornet v3.3 on our server. We can import a list of users from AD ...
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    Censornet Authentication

    Hi All,

    We have just installed Censornet v3.3 on our server. We can import a list of users from AD without any problems, and the users can log in as many times as required.

    However, when we try to change the Access Profile level for any user (to anything from the drop down list), the system will no longer let the user log in - the password box just keeps re-appearing when the user tries to login.

    Another problem is that one the Access Profile has been changed, we can not change it back to None, it just remembers Unfiltered or whatever we chose for that user.

    Anybody any ideas please? :?:


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    Re: Censornet Authentication

    Strange it only normally only does that when it cant contact the authentication server. Do you mean you are changing between Filter/Unfiltered/White List etc ?

    Also did you run an MD5 sum check on the ISO as sometimes it will install ok but there will be weird problems with it?

    This one belongs in the Linux forum as well technically I suppose if someone will shift pls.

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