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Wireless Networks Thread, IP Conflict in Technical; Originally Posted by Michael I believe that's a Google message if Google believe too many requests are coming from the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    I believe that's a Google message if Google believe too many requests are coming from the same IP.

    @sippo - If for example you are using a class C network - 192.168.x.x it would be a very bad idea to set your servers with more commonly used IPs, (such as as you're pretty much guaranteed any access point or router will by default use the first available address.

    The fact it happens every three weeks; it would appear to be something someone is switching on. Unless you happen to have workstations not used for three weeks at a time? Possible but unlikely. I would say it is a router, access point or a machine someone is bringing into school.
    We have a 10.* network.

    See thats what I'm thinking that someone is bringing in a laptop of some kind...

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    I couldn't use Windows in my job, I'd go mental!
    I can and there's nothing I want to do these days I can't do from Windows, but on reflection it's taken truckloads of effort over the years to get the 'toolbox' together and keep it maintained... and I can't think of much in there that you'll find with Google even assuming you have the patience to wade through all those crummy software sites stuffed full of mostly mediocre [share|trial]ware that show up when you look for anything.

    So yup, you're right.

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