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Wireless Networks Thread, WiFi On roof, are we allowed? in Technical; Take a look at FramBroadband . This is a Wifi system routed around the small town of Framlingham in Suffolk ...
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    Take a look at FramBroadband. This is a Wifi system routed around the small town of Framlingham in Suffolk where my Mum lives. Which is the same that you are trying to achieve I guess.

    I don't think it's a used now as it was a while back since Broadband took hold, but this is a WiFi system that has a number of Antennas dotted around the village on top of things like the local pub, post office, etc.

    You purchased an external antenna (Linksys AP) and they fitted it for you, this was pointed at your nearest AP and the MAC address of your AP was entered into the system.

    When is worked it was pretty good, but it did suffer a number of drop outs and speed was always an issue with it. It suited my Mum at the time as she was a warden in sheltered housing, so she couldn't do anything with the phone line. She's since moved out into her own house and now has Broadband.



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    On a technical note I also think that the mesh solution is probably the best solution with the least technical and legal hurdles to overcome. I would probably be using WPA with radius though so that each user can have their own username and password. Without this the single code could be spread around and there would be no easy way to track or remove users if they were to begin to cause trouble - downloading illegal stuff etc.

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    Thank you for all the replies.

    The mesh system is obviously the better route, rather than irradiating (and irritating) the entire village.

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