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Wireless Networks Thread, 3Com managed WLAN : Tips? in Technical; I've been into a school today that was recommended my services and as part of the initial intro they showed ...
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    3Com managed WLAN : Tips?

    I've been into a school today that was recommended my services and as part of the initial intro they showed me what's been done recently and one bit stuck out in particular in the form of a 3com wireless system.

    It's less than 18 months old has 11a/b/g clients on it but does appear to be POE powered and I'm guessing should be controllable as there's a utility which provided the "wireless tree" IIRC. Having looked at this I've found that every class has a WAP and whilst we're talking old school, thick walls, I'm highly skeptical that the system isn't interfering across the various channels. Not helped by the close proximity to businesses and residential properties.

    I can do a scan with my Channelizer tool to confirm/deny this but what really gives me pause is just how much I can expect to get out of the wlan controller if that's what it is. Ideally I'd be looking to upgrade from WEP to WPA with Radius or at least PSK.

    Has anyone had any experience of a 3com setup and can they offer any pointers on what to expect from the software.

    Before anyone asks I couldn't get the controllers details (too high and no ladder) and I'm not even sure it was an actual controller and not a managed switch. I will get the info on my next visit in a couple of weeks... I'd just like to have some "heads up" ideas on what to look out for with it all.

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    You will probably find the controller is either a WX1200 or a WX4400, of which we run the latter. The hardest part is the management system (3WXM)but once you get your head around it it's a doddle and is actually an impressive piece of kit. As for the interference - as long as it's been setup properly all the access points know about each other via the controller so will auto-tune to avoid interfering.

    Let us know if you need a hand

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