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Wireless Networks Thread, change of user in Technical; Any advice gratefully received! Admin and curriculum one network - server 2003, xp clients, office manager logon set as her ...
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    change of user

    Any advice gratefully received!
    Admin and curriculum one network - server 2003, xp clients, office manager logon set as her name, she's now retired and replacement due to start this week.
    When the network was changed into one flat network we had a major job getting the office managers profile right on her office pc, she uses outlook which is configured for the school email, the lea have a centrastore backup setup and phoenix is installed. Now if the logon had been set as a generic name it would be alot easier (hindsight etc) but it wasn't so do I take easy option and ask new person to logon using ex office manager's username or do I rename useraccount at server level and hope it doesn't affect profile on client machine?

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    Renaming would probably be better. Windows will leave all of the profile paths and folder redirections the same so that should not cause you any trouble. It may cause issues with any logon scripts that map drives to a folder that are named and referenced by the username variable though as the script will pick up the new one.

    I have no experience with phoenix so I am unsure as to whether that will cause you any trouble.

    It could be easier to just copy the existing user account in AD to get all of the right memberships and also copy the old users roaming profile to the new users profile folder. This should bring across almost all of the nessisary settings and prevent the need for any extra workarounds.
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