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Wireless Networks Thread, Ugent Help required DNS mailserver in Technical; Can anyone help been out all day as my daughter is in hospital Come home to a load of messages ...
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    Ugent Help required DNS mailserver

    Can anyone help been out all day as my daughter is in hospital
    Come home to a load of messages telling me the school email is not working.

    I have RDP to work got the offending log (email address changed to protect the Innocent)

    Aug 29 22:38:16 postfix/qmgr[1064]: EDBD9976C4: to=<email@notworking.com>, relay=none, delay=111654, status=deferred (Name service error for name=relay.plus.net type=MX: Host not found, try again)

    Checked with Plus Net not there end
    Restarted my box (Netpilot)
    brief plan of hardware involved

    Exchange 2007 passes mail to Equiinet Netpilot-SMPT to Plus Net
    The Netpilot is Working normally for web serving so DNS must be working
    our DNS servers forward to Netpilot it forwards to Root Servers.
    This surly rules out any DNS issues on our server as Netpilot goes out for DNS resolution.

    Tired and got a hell of a headache so any help would be great thanks

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    Which machine is that log file on, and can you paste a bit more of it (and any bounce messages you had)?

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    Suggests the linux box there can't resolve relay.plus.net.

    Check /etc/resolv.conf

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    I now think the problem is the router as the Netpilot can ping the router but no further

    Have disconnected and reconnected but no different
    also woring is the connection speed it has been MB for a long time now only 2.4 MB.

    3 weeks ago got a new 2nd broadband connection put in same location
    Fluidata burst circuit running at 12MB not sure if related but BT engineer said that was last available pair so have they compromised original connection.
    As this only really does email i may not have noticed its slow down.

    on the router
    Pinging host: Yahoo!

    Couldn't resolve address of Yahoo!

    but can by ip

    Traceroute to (
    1 lo0-homesurf.pte-ag1.plus.net ( 32 ms 32 ms 30 ms
    2 ge1-0-0-406.pte-gw2.plus.net ( 32 ms 32 ms 32 ms
    3 ge-1-1-0.pat1.the.yahoo.com ( 32 ms 32 ms 34 ms
    4 so-0-1-0.msr1.ird.yahoo.com ( 42 ms 42 ms 44 ms
    5 ge-1-3.bas-b1.ird.yahoo.com ( 42 ms 44 ms 44 ms
    6 f1.us.www.vip.ird.yahoo.com ( 42 ms 40 ms 38 ms

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    BT fault

    unbelivable its a BT fault

    oh well

    Mark Cundall CSC Analyst 9:51am, Saturday 30th August 2008
    [Internal notes]

    Loop Loss Loop Loss Add Text SNR Margin Errored Seconds HecErrors Cell Count Speed
    28 5 0 0 547745483 224

    Downstream Link Info
    Loop Loss Loop Loss Add Text SNR Margin ErroredSeconds HecErrors CellCount Speed
    41 6 0 0 -852375785 2432

    DSL Max Data

    BIP Interface Data
    Current line rate Line rate change timestamp Maximum Stable Rate Recalcuated ProfileTimestamp Maximum Stable Rate
    2000 2008-08-22T20:05:57 N 2008-08-08T15:42:14 8128

    Fault Threshold Rate Interleaving Flag ServiceOption ServiceOption Status ServiceOption Update Timestamp

    Copper Line Check Test Results:

    Description Diagnosis Code MFL
    FAULT - Dis one leg in Network T007 LN

    Kind regards,

    Mark Cundall

    Mark Cundall CSC Analyst 9:58am, Saturday 30th August 2008
    Dear Mr middleton,
    I have just tried to contact you as i have just run a line test and it has highlighted a fault with the PSTN or voice side of the line. I would advise you to try a normal phone into this line (0190462****) and see if you can hear any crackling or hissing. If you are able to hear any noise i would advise you to contact your telephone line provider to get this resolved as it would be effecting the broadband.

    If you are unable to detect anything wrong with the voice side of the line i would advise you to still contact your telephone line provider though state that you can hear some crackling to ensure that they investigate a fault. If you do contact your telephone line provider please do note state you have a broadband fault as they will not investigate a fault, simply discuss a voice issue.

    If you have a business line the number to contact BT is 154 while it is 151 for residential lines (if this is your telephone line provider). If they are unable to find a fault please contact us back so that we can get this raised for you.

    Kind regards,

    Mark Cundall

    [Sms Message: I have just updated your ticket and if you go to http://help.plus.net you will be able to see my update.

    Kind Regards,

    Your comment 10:07am, Saturday 30th August 2008
    Thanks for that just spoke with BT they also ran a line test and its a fault not on our premisis so they are actioning a repair for monday.

    hopefully this will fix the other issue


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