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Wireless Networks Thread, Servers at home in Technical; Originally Posted by RabbieBurns Its got a built in encoder and takes the output from any video device and encodes ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RabbieBurns View Post
    Its got a built in encoder and takes the output from any video device and encodes it and streams it over the LAN / Internet. It varies the quality depending on the available bandwidth. For common things like Sky boxes etc theres a remote control thing so you can change the channels etc.

    If you want a play, download the slingplayer software from slingplayer.com and ill pm you the login details
    Thanks. I'll PM you a couple of questions I have so I don't take this thread off topic anymore.

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    I used to have a Sun Fire E6900 but I recently upgraded to a
    Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 Server to run some VMs

    Sun Servers

    Nah just kidding!

    I used to have 1 NAS Server (an old P2 DELL stuffed with HDs running FreeNAS), and 1 testing box (which blew the MB), plus 2 media centre PCs + 2 Desktops but now I just use my laptop
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    This link was posted some time ago by another user, might be interesting for this thread.

    Lab Overview

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