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Wireless Networks Thread, 2 Layer 3 "Routing" Switchs 1 LAN : Need advice in Technical; Hi All, Having mostly only ever put in one router or L3 routing switch I was wondering about having 2 ...
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    2 Layer 3 "Routing" Switchs 1 LAN : Need advice

    Hi All,

    Having mostly only ever put in one router or L3 routing switch I was wondering about having 2 L3 routing switches in the same LAN (6 VLANS) in order to provide redundancy in case one fails.

    I am using HP 2824's is there anything special I should do before enabling routing on the second switch or will it "just work".

    Both the switches are linked via a 2Gb copper backbone as well as other multi redundant links through other switches.

    Are we now looking at using route advertisment? RIPv1, v2, OSPF, etc.

    Is there any real need to do this or am i just going over kill <- there is always a chance of this

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    I have used HP for many years, just about to get into Cisco, but what I do know is that you do need to look into providing redundancy in your network.

    HP only support VRRP, but your HP 2824's do not support this protocol, you will have to buy either the 3500's or the 5400's and purchase an additional premium edge license to activate the VRRP feature.

    You see, if your gateway fails, the other one has to take over the role of routing, and this is what VRRP does for you

    Without this feature you can only have redundancy at layer 2 but not at layer 3.

    Hope this helps

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