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Wireless Networks Thread, Quiet as the grave in Technical; @john: rather you than me Hope you didn't have a white shirt on for that work... It took several hours ...
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    Re: Quiet as the grave

    @john: rather you than me Hope you didn't have a white shirt on for that work... It took several hours for me and the network manager to run a single cat5e extension to the opposite end of a large classroom (somebody wanted the computer moving!) along the suspended ceiling and run some trunking for it I enjoy cabling :P

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    Re: Quiet as the grave

    This took me near enough 3 days non stop on my own to do, the site manger gave me an hour one day to try and stop me having to crawl under the classroom, but thats it. (He would have helped more but he did have 2 floors to re-varnish and strip etc and they had to be done for a private booking, so that was very important).

    The biggest time waste was thanks to the grounds maintance firm, who had strimmed through the rope ends that were run in the ducting, they were all the way through the ducting (maybe only about 15ft of ducting) but went all the way to the other side of the mobile classroom, I tied my cat 5 on the end of the rope, and pulled from the other end, kept pulling, thinking this is easy, then ooh, I've got and end, hold on this has been strimmed off GRRR! and then the duct work was full of soil, gravel etc, so I had to use a disused waterpipe, it was just big enough for 4 CAT 5s, so I was very lucky! Who would use a 1" water main for a home ec and art building!!! Some people! That was a fun summer doing that, it looked very very nice in the end, and worked amazingly well, I also discovered the floor was rotting already (only been installed 3 years!) so that made the head happy. But no white shirts needed - jeans and polo shirts and jumpers for the gravel bed crawling.

    I do love cabling for a change, its ok sitting at a desk doing IT softwarey stuff, photograph editing etc but its so nice to have a change, that why I am trying to get more into the Server end of things now rather than workstations as I "know it all" as it were on the workstation stuff for what we use in the classrooms etc without me going and getting a Maths degree or doing lots of courses to work other bits and bobs out. I am not bad on Server (I was a NM before) but it was 1 server did it all, and no specialist things like SQL, Exchange etc

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