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Wireless Networks Thread, Server upgrade in Technical; Hi I am going to be upgrading the existing server and want to clear as much dross from the server ...
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    Server upgrade


    I am going to be upgrading the existing server and want to clear as much dross from the server as possible.

    I am intending to send an e-mail to all staff askiong them to remove any unwanted files from the server.

    However, the last time I did thios I got several moans and excuses why they could not do this. For example the dat protection act, have to keep files for up to five years etc etc, when in most cases it is just 'dross'.

    What bullet points can I make to underline the need to clear out old files ready for the new server?



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    I'd go with

    1. Storage isn't cheap
    2. The data protection act only comes into play with certain files - 99% of files on a school server are curriculum related, personal or general. In which case, aren't covered by any form of data retention law.

    When I did the same thing last year, for our public share, I created a folder 'To Keep' and told everyone that they had 4 weeks to move the stuff that they wanted into it. After that time, all the other stuff was 'removed' (aka. taken out of the share and kept on a backup disk somewhere) and the 'to keep' stuff put back in there.

    We managed to trim the 40GB public drive down to 30GB doing that. And I only had a couple of requests after that from panicking teachers.

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