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Wireless Networks Thread, Trapeze Wireless Solution in Technical; Is anyone out there running a Trapeze wireless network? We are looking at a managed wireless solution and have already ...
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    Trapeze Wireless Solution

    Is anyone out there running a Trapeze wireless network?

    We are looking at a managed wireless solution and have already had a quote for some Cisco Kit (It was for 40 1130AG and a Cisco 4402 Wireless Controller).

    Just had someone on site who only deal with Trapeze equipment from what I got told it sounds great but I still have some reservations which I guess is because I fear the unknown.....

    Any advice or comments regarding the Trapeze kit would be much appreciated.


    ps...You will have to excuse the following rant but these people know who they are

    To those individuals who are currently taking great pleasure in monitoring my activity on edugeek I have two things to say to you:

    1. and do some bloody work!

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    Also take a look at Aruba, looks awesome and reasonably priced.

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    Hi AngryITGuy,

    Have you thought of Extricom as a wirless solution,

    The Extricom Interference Free architecture is a unique technology that overcomes the intrinsic limitations of traditional wireless LANs. At the heart of the solution, eliminating the traditional concept of cell-planning to achieve radio coverage. Instead, the Extricom solution provides continuous “blankets” of coverage by using each WLAN channel everywhere, while preventing any co-channel interference through tight and precise control of the distributed access points.
    The solution uses a centralised WLAN architecture, in which the central switch makes all of the decisions for packet delivery on the wireless network. The switch directs all of the traffic because the access points have no capabilities of their own… no software, no storage, no smarts, just radios. The clients don’t even associate with the access point. Instead, the access point rapidly funnels the traffic back to the switch for processing. As a result, a given 802.11a/b/g channel can be deployed at every access point, to deliver complete coverage, consistent capacity, and zero-latency roaming, without co-channel interference

    Let me know if you would like a free demonstration,

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