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Wireless Networks Thread, HP printers on server cause crash in Technical; Just incase anyone else has this now or in the future we have found HP TCP/IP drivers cause a rather ...
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    HP printers on server cause crash

    Just incase anyone else has this now or in the future we have found HP TCP/IP drivers cause a rather large memory leak.

    We have had a server falling over with a complete freeze, not able to log on physically or remotely. Afterwards it was saying that there was no non-paged memory pool left.

    We finally got a chance to track it down with arious tools and found it was the printers on that server using the HP TCP/IP port.

    Solution: Recreate all the ports as Standard TCP/IP Ports and reasign the printers to them instead. Then the HP ports can be deleted.

    Ok, countdown to the first person to say "Didn't you know this all ready?!"

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    I didn't know it (but then I don't use HP printers :-))

    In general, if you can use standard tcp/ip to connect to the printer then I would always do this - the more stuff you add to your server, the more chance you have of something going wrong!

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    I think the reason nobody ever found this before now is that most folks have to use the standard (non-HP) TCP/IP Port for printer connection anyway as it solves most of the issues with HP printers.

    Thanks for sharing though... well worth knowing.

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