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Wireless Networks Thread, Getting started with GPOs in Technical; Because our curriculum computers have always run Windows 98 and used Winsuite I have never had the need to get ...
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    Getting started with GPOs

    Because our curriculum computers have always run Windows 98 and used Winsuite I have never had the need to get involved with GPOs. We are about to upgrade to XP and whilst I could carry on using Winsuite, we would have to buy more licences so GPOs would be probably be the way to go.

    I've started doing some homework and planned to integrate this into some major work that needs doing over the holidays. I am out of the country for most of the sommer hols and allocated the first week to do this. On the 11th June I emailed all of the staff telling them there would be no computer access during that week. I have just been told that the MUST have access because there is a Summer School activity going on!!!

    Anyway, this means my 5 days of total access has now disappeared. Can anyone suggest any shortcuts to getting a fairly secure system that I can then refine as and when? Basically, restricting access to Control Panel and the like. These are Y5-Y7 kids, so on the whole not to dangerous.

    We probably won't be putting in the new computers until next term, I just need to be ready.

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    there are some templates you can download from miscrosoft that give you a good starting point

    Microsoft Corporation

    worth reading ALL the accompanying gumpf though

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