I have a Zyxel wireless network and have a mixture of Toshiba A100's and loads of A210's. The A100's work pretty well on the network but the A210's dont. The A210's have a realtek network card and the A100's have an Atheros.

Are Realtek network cards crap! I have a trolley (one of many) whioch has half A100/A210's to test the network. All A100's are on, all A210's are off. Both configured exactly the same, can't figure it out.

I know it's not the network as all 100 Asus eepc's work fine.

Some of the laptops read full signal strength, others read 20% even though they are next to an access point!!!!!

My head is looking for blood as we had an LEA inspection this week and they were not impressed with the fact that NO teacher was prepared to use the wirless network, etc. And therefore he wants blood, whether its mine of Toshiba.

Does anyone have any information on this. I have been in touch with Misco and Toshiba who are both scratching their heads.

Please help.