Hi All,

We are looking at the possibility of integrating Antivirus & AntiSpyware into our product 'Parago' to give it the ability to audit the level of virus/spyware detection coverage across your network. Below is a rough outline of the capabilities. We would really like to hear some feedback from schools not using Parago at the moment to see if this would be a feature that would save them time and money.

Antivirus & AntiSpyware Integration
Our proposed Antivirus and AntiSpyware solution would allow us to integrate with currently installed virus and spy ware solutions. The ‘ParagoAgent’ would interface with whatever antivirus/spyware software is currently installed on each client machine and interrogate it for information on its current status. This information is then uploaded to the correct account and stored against the relevant PC. This then gives a live representation of the virus and spyware status of all machines that ParagoAgent is currently installed on.

This gives you the following abilities

* Unique ability to retrieve virus/spy ware information from all major virus/spyware software
* Account managers can query this information across multiple accounts (LEA can see status of all its schools)
* Automated alerts for reporting virus/spy ware issues

Create reports

* That show any machines (laptops/pcs) that have no antivirus and/or anti-spyware
* List any machines that currently have detected viruses or spyware
* Show any machines that have out of date definition files
* List the machines that have not had a full scan within the last week (or any date range)
* Build up a picture of what virus/spyware software is installed across all machines


* Find any particular machine with a version of virus/spyware software
* Find machines with out of date definition files
* Search for virus/spyware information and specific virus/spyware names within the data returned