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Wireless Networks Thread, Wsus in Technical; Hi I have a little problem and I would like peoples opinions. I have an update server running and its ...
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    I have a little problem and I would like peoples opinions.

    I have an update server running and its running wsus sp1 and it all works bar one computer record will not update. I have reimaged the computer and secet its wsus id and no joy.

    I have tried running the diagnostics on the client and it appears ok. If I change its name and reset its wsus id it works ok so I guess the client is ok. But when I rename it back and reset its wsus id nothing.

    I have tried deleting the wsus record on the server and it gives me an error

    The WSUS administration console was unable to connect to the WSUS Server Database.

    Verify that SQL server is running on the WSUS Server. If the problem persists, try restarting SQL.

    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException -- Internal Query Processor Error: The query processor encountered an unexpected error during execution.

    .Net SqlClient Data Provider

    Stack Trace:
    at Microsoft.UpdateServices.UI.SnapIn.Dialogs.Progres sDialog.OnCompleted(Object sender, AsyncCompletedEventArgs e)

    I have tried stopping and restarting Update Services service, IIS and SQL no joy.

    I have tried restarting the computer and no joy.

    I think the record is corrupt as every other computer is updating its records and every computer in the school is applying updates.

    Does anyone have an easy way to delete this computer record as I cannot do it through the wsus console.

    Thanks for all your help.


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