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Wireless Networks Thread, DNS entries with port numbers in Technical; Originally Posted by HodgeHi It is indeed access-it. The issue isn't so important at the moment but we may move ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HodgeHi View Post
    It is indeed access-it.

    The issue isn't so important at the moment but we may move the service over to an external connecting server. With a library.school.sch.uk domain name for users to connect could we get the public facing router to re-route the traffic from that domain name to port 2000. I think this would be the best solution if possible.
    Depends on your router, very few can distinguish between subdomains in inbound traffic as all inbound requests look the same to it. Meaning you can only have one site per ip without extra software.

    If you have multiple external ip addresses and the subdomain can be pointed to one of those that is not in use for a web server the router can use this to distinguish between the traffic.
    With only a single external IP using subdomains to direct the traffic would require you to setup ISA (if you have it) to redirect traffic or use an apache server that could reverse proxy to the different sites that are running under different domain/subdomains. You would need to do this anyway it you only have a single external ip and your router is not layer 4 capable.
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