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Wireless Networks Thread, Advice on buying a Cisco Router in Technical; Hi, I have a few servers at home and my "standard router" slow down and i am having to restart ...
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    Advice on buying a Cisco Router

    Hi, I have a few servers at home and my "standard router" slow down and i am having to restart etc and one of the adsl modems broke in another one of my routers, Im thinking of upgrading to a Cisco router which is capable of having connections to a Streaming server, web server, etc and preferably cheap Thanks Steven.

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    If you know Cisco then a decent 2600 series router would do the trick for you.

    I have2 ofthese in failover mode at home incase one fails but you can pick them up of ebay for about £100

    Just make sure that youhave a FastEthernet port on there as these are 100Mb you may be lucky and find one with 2 on.

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    If you are on a long adsl max (Up to 8Mb rather than a fixed speed) line then don't bother with a cisco. The Adsl WIC in my 2600 (which I had to buy new as there were no second hand ones around at the time) is the most unstable product I have ever used

    I've had well over 100 disconnects an hour with it after the max upgrade was enabled (outside of the training period) but it was very stable when on 1Mb fixed.

    Edit: And the 2600 has a minimum version requirement of 12.3 to use the WIC-1ADSL.

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    If you were to get a 2620XM then you could play with all the fun stuff such as the IOS firewall and the VPN stuff etc.

    However, if you're buying second hand you're not allowed to use it (legally) unless you purchase the IOS from Cisco

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    I currently own a Cisco 1801 router. It's been running like a charm for a while now. Thought it had an issue but it turned out to be some load balancing thing my ISP did that would disconnect us and not allow reconnection for hours at a time. Great finding that out after speaking to cisco support

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