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Wireless Networks Thread, Dual ADSL connections in Technical; Hi, Does anyone use bonded ADSL connections on here? If so is it any good. We are limited with budget ...
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    Dual ADSL connections


    Does anyone use bonded ADSL connections on here? If so is it any good.

    We are limited with budget and lne quality so we can only get 512kb so I would like to bond two together or use a load balanced ADSL router.

    I have Smoothwall with a built in ADSL modem which runs nicely and does all my filtering so I would need to work out how to connect everything without making it 4 hops to get on the internet.

    I know theres a Linux version that does it but it looks like it only supports certain modems.

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    Re: Dual ADSL connections

    I looked into this a while back but we didn't proceed with it (LEA politics).
    I don't think their are major problems with it - you have built in failover, except the lack of upload speeds and any other DSL specific problems.

    There is a free linux version:
    I know that linux doesn't support all the 'winmodem' types.

    Cisco also do a router that can be set-up for bonded ADSL connections.

    It might also be worth speaking with smoothwall about this or checking their forums.

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