Hi Guys and Gals,
Hope some can Help

Firstly we are Running a 3com WX2200 Wireless Switch with 33 Access Points and all that works well.
We are about to deploy the Web Portal Option to allow certain Pupils to use there own laptops on the Network for Internet Access Only.

We have got most of the problems sorted but the main one we are having at moment is turning on the school web proxy.

We belive there is a way of doing it in a webpage Ie when the Web portal login page loads(this does not require the proxy set) and the user logs in it then would load another webpage that sets the correct proxy settings and then allows them to continue using the internet.

Then when when thay log off it goes to another web page and turns off the proxy.

if this cannot be done via web page is there away of getting a reg key frag to run once they have logged on.