Had problems this morning with pupil not being able to access their home folders and their ranger profile not running. After much headache I manged to get it running again and they now can access home folders and ranger profiles seem to be ok.

Only problem is I'm not sure what fixed it!

I have rebooted and when I restarted the server a Error message popped up regarding LAN Ranger:

"Unable to open the file P:\Applic\Ranger\RgrShDbConnections.tab
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Delete this file and try again. The Ranger Licence Server will need to be stopped before this is done.

Be sure to start the Licence Server afterwards or users will not be able to log on."

I did as the message stated and once this was done the pupils no longer had issues. But....

i'm still getting the same message! And It doesn't appear to be running in task manager!

I'm also geting a user enviornment message when I logon on to the server as administrator! It says It cannot find the user profile and loads the default profile instead.

I'm getting new servers in the the summer and I can't wait! Anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks