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Wireless Networks Thread, FreeRadius with Microsoft IAS? in Technical; Hi! I am new to both Linux and RADIUS, but I really want to learn about this. I have been ...
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    FreeRadius with Microsoft IAS?

    I am new to both Linux and RADIUS, but I really want to learn about this. I have been trying to get the FreeRadius client to work with IAS for a while now but without success, so I really need some help with this.

    My test should be quite basic, but somehow I fail. My setup is as follows:
    Computer A: Active Directory
    Computer B: Windows IAS server (IP
    Computer C: FreeRadius Client (this is actually a virtual machine)

    Computer A contains user DsH with pwd RADIUS.
    I have configured the IAS (Win2k3) to allow everything on Computer B and secret = RADIUS.
    I logged in as DSH with pwd RADIUS on Computer C, with secret = RADIUS for the FreeRadius client (v.1.1.6).

    I have tried both radtest and radclient, with -x for debug;
    radtest DsH 123456 10 RADIUS -x
    => Radclient:: Invalid octet string "123456" for attribute name "User-Password"
    echo "User-Name = DsH" | .../radclient auth RADIUS
    => User-Name = "DsH" (several times until timeout: "No response from client ID...")

    Anybody have any idea? Did I miss something basic here, or does FreeRadius Client/IAS just doesn't work together? I have tried for a while reading the manuals and browsing the forum, but I just don't get it to work!

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance

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