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Wireless Networks Thread, VLAN Help - Cisco 2600 in Technical; Good morning I have an issue which I would appreciate some help with. I need to connect 2 networks together ...
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    VLAN Help - Cisco 2600

    Good morning

    I have an issue which I would appreciate some help with. I need to connect 2 networks together using a Cisco 2600 router.

    The router has 2x FastEthernet interfaces one of which (0/0) will be connected to the switches of one network and set as the gateway for the network. The other (0/1) is connected to VLAN number 520.

    When I go to "configure" and type

    "interface FastEthernet0/1"
    "encapsulation dot1q 520"

    it errors (checking using "?" shows that encapsulation is not an option). The question is - do I need to set a sub interface with the ip address that I have assigned to 0/1 and change the encapsulation on the sub interface? Or am i barking up the wrong end of the stick?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    yes you are on the right track. some thing like :

    interface FastEthernet0/0
    no ip address
    speed 100
    interface FastEthernet0/0.1
    description Test Vlan 520
    encapsulation dot1Q 520
    ip address X.X.X.X

    hope it helps


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    Firstly does the 2600 router IOS support dot1q encapsulation?

    Secondly check your router config, specifically the interfaces is there already an encapsulation type associated with that interface?

    You may need to create a sub interface but again this is IOS dependant.

    To check what IOS and feature pack you have installed type the following at the command line:

    show version

    You are then looking for where it says system image file is "xxx" where xxx is the name of the image file.

    Once you have the filename use the following to identify the feature set and version:

    if the filename was c2600-js-l.121-3.bin then

    c2600 - Would be the Hardware Platform (2600)
    js - Would be the feature set
    l - would be the file format
    121-3 - would be the IOS version.

    You can then use this informationto idetify the full feature set available to your router from the Cisco website.

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