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Wireless Networks Thread, 3Com 4500G VLAN Routing in Technical; Hello everyone. I have a 3Com 4500G (layer 2,3)switch and I plan to use it in the following way: I ...
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    3Com 4500G VLAN Routing

    Hello everyone.

    I have a 3Com 4500G (layer 2,3)switch and I plan to use it in the following way:
    I want to create few VLANS that form separate subnets. One for my company, lets say its network. Two or three for clients in the building - they would use my infrastructure, but they would need their own servers etc - these would be and so on. One for infrastructure, where internet gateway would be.

    Here is my problem - I am totally green here so please try not to yell at me

    In this setup I want to use a single gateway to the internet. What should I do to make some of those VLANS/subnets invisible to each other, but to use a single gateway. Is it doable using just 4500G?

    I know that I can have simple routing in layer 3 switch, but am totally lost on where to start.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Yes this is possible with the 4500G switch.
    Do you have other switches that you use as edge switches for your workstations?
    If so you'll have to configure routing on your core switch (4500G) only.
    By default every VLAN can access all other VLAN's so you'll have to create ACL's on fiberports (that connect to theedge switch) of your coreswitch.
    The best way is to create subnets that have 10.10.1.x. 10.20.2.x and subnetmask of The reason for this are the ACL's. They work with wildcards (and not subnetmasks) so it will be easier to setup.


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