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Wireless Networks Thread, Gigabit Switch Upgrade in Technical; Hi All, Would just like to throw an idea into the air regarding our planned future switch upgrade. We currently ...
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    Gigabit Switch Upgrade

    Hi All,

    Would just like to throw an idea into the air regarding our planned future switch upgrade.

    We currently have optic gigabit backbone throughout the school. With roughly 34 switches across the locations. More than likely more. Most are Planet Unmanaged switches. Most are 10/100 some are 10/100/1000. Those that are 10/100 are connect view fibre convertors into the switch. Which defeats the point of the whole operation. We have a few Fibre switches in as well.

    We need a complete solution from whichever company. Switch replacement, lifetime warranty, support and all that jazz.

    Switches should be managed and support SNMP2.0+ as we will implement Mcafee NAC (Switch Enforcement, Server2008 NAP enforcement(Secondary) when its all upgraded.

    Bar Cisco due to price implications, which other companies should we approach, does anyone have any contacts with consultants we could call.

    Thank you.

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    Something from the HP Procurve range should suit you.

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    We replaced all our old switches (nortel etc.) with HP Procurve 5406zl at the core, 2600 at the edge last summer - all done via Lan2Lan. I've been really impressed with the kit and the supplier was really good too. All prestaged with IP's, firmware upgrades, passwords etc. and then delivered and installed.
    If you want a contact I can PM you one on Tuesday when I'm back in work...

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    I'd go for either a HP Procurve 5412zl or even the 8212zl if you need that much grunt.

    Then for the edge switches I'd go for Hp Procurve 2610's or 2900's depending on whether you want 100mbit to the desktop or 1000mb.

    All of those come with a lifetime swap out warranty. You can upgrade to higher level warranties such as 4 hour response etc...

    But then, it depends on your budget.

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