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Wireless Networks Thread, Internet connection - Independent school in Technical; I have an 8mb ADSL line for browsing and anything that goes via the proxyserver and then a 2mb Leased ...
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    I have an 8mb ADSL line for browsing and anything that goes via the proxyserver and then a 2mb Leased Line for anything else so thats email, web hosting etc

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    Here in Birmingham we're very lucky. Birmingham City Council have a contract with Telewest I believe (Virgin now) and rolled out 10Mbps fibre to every school. This means each school get a dedicated 1MB/s up and down and is great when it works for downloading huge files.

    Prior to this, many schools were using standard Business ADSL which was awful when so many users were browsing/downloading content.

    At home I'm currently getting 7616Kbps as I am under 1km from my exchange and that's with Orange.

    The alternative if fibre is too expensive is SDSL if your exchange supports it? Many businesses/schools can benefit with a higher upload speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben_Stanton View Post
    At that price it must be true MLPPP bonding. What model router is it?

    Then that's all my questions
    It's a Cisco 1800 series router

    Our account manager is Matther Connor, matt.connor@exa-networks.co.uk if you want to know more he's the man in the know.

    We are looking at expanding our connection up to 4x2meg over the summer. We cover the cost by adding a small sum termly to the fee's and this covers the cost of the internet.

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