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Wireless Networks Thread, Running out of space in Technical; HI I have a server with windows 2003 installed and it has 3 drives installed and they have raid 5 ...
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    Running out of space


    I have a server with windows 2003 installed and it has 3 drives installed and they have raid 5 on them. On the drives are 2 partitions and the c drive is down to 900 meg and the d drive is down to 12 gig. I have uninstalled and moved and deleted all the files that I can but I cannot make any more space.

    The c drive is 10 gig in size and the server is 4 years old and I am aware that the drives in the server are getting old.

    This is one of our main servers and I cannot have it down for any length of time.

    I also have very limited amounts of cash.

    How do you think I am best to proceed.

    I could install 2 extra drives and mirror raid them and then try to ghost the c drive to the new partition with ghost, but I do know that ghost has problems with raid and corrupt drives. I would then have to change the boot to the new partition. I then would have the problem of absorbing the old c drive partition in to the d rive. Would partition magic be able to do this???????????

    I would not normally attempt to do this but money is so tight I dont know what else to do.

    Has anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks for all your help,


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    As long as windows knows about the controller before you move the boot drive you should be ok.

    I installed a new RAID card in a server installed the drivers
    then using ghost moved the whole image form one Raid array to another.
    ok they were only IDE raid to SATA Raid but it worked, at the same time i re-carved the Boot and Data partitions up.

    I think you won’t have a problem even just moving your C: Drive over to a new set of disks. i guess you can copy it over then make sure it works before using something like PQMagic to destroy the original c: drive and expand the data volume.

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