Morning Guys,

Oky, in the past, our schools in our county have been lucky in the way that our LEA keeps the "DCSF Harnessing Technology" grant, and in turn, they pay and manage internet connections to every school. - Brill!

Anyway, fast forward to now and in the recent budget changes, the LEA can no longer spend the budget on what they have been spending it on (Hmm... thats what the letter said!). So now, they have deligated the funding to us (the schools). Based on the formula we've got £39k for 456 students.

Now this has to fuel: Internet connectivity, VLE and possibly SIMS Support aswell (not sure about that one).

Our current connection is a fibre-optic line direct to the exchange which inturn is hooked through to the council's feed.

Apparently we've already received the funding (it's in this years budget). I've spoken to our finance guy and he has no ideas about it. I'm a bit concerned that we're going to have to pay for all this (well actually just the internet, for e VLE we're using a brill open-source system called Dokeos... check it out if you dont know about it and are still looking!).

Anyway, do any of you know about these changes? Any ideas on what we can do?

Cheers, Adi