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Wireless Networks Thread, [SOLVED] DHCP is having some disbribution difficulties in Technical; So the network I run has a subnet and a subnet. Within the past few weeks I've noticed ...
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    So the network I run has a subnet and a subnet. Within the past few weeks I've noticed that more and more machines are appearing with Limited or No Connectivity. I went to my DHCP server and discovered there were a few machines coming up with BAD_ADDRESS which usually means something else is assigning them a DHCP lease or the machine is static and DHCP is trying to hand out that IP to someone.

    Our current setup is that one of our servers has the DHCP server running on it, and a second DHCP server runs the other subnet and router. This server is a pain. It's really a pain. It was also our ISA server and I ditched ISA because there were way too many ways to get around it. I ended up purchasing a Web Filter 310 and nobody can get by that so far. So I'm very happy with it. But the server still has to be there because it's running our router service and we have a Netmaster Blade-GG firewall inside of it. One of the hardest cards to make work for me. But I'm wondering if I'd be able to just transfer that DHCP subnet to another system or add another subnet. Also, I should probably have static IP address ranges for printers and servers. As of now, the static IP's are kind of everywhere with random reservations. It's a very confusing setup I've walked into. I wish I could remote access into our router/DHCP Windows Server 2003 box and take some screenshots, but I can't remote into it because it refuses to let me access it remotely. Oh ya, and it's also the same box as the main office lady uses to broadcast powerpoint on our TV's around the school [yes, she remote accesses our gateway]. I would have personally chosen a different computer to do this on but I wasn't here.

    Anyways, ya. Just curious at some of your DHCP set ups and how you manage IP addresses out there. I've been having more and more people come to me once in awhile saying "my computer can't connect to the internet" and I go there only to find out theres limited or no connectivity. What's worse, is I'm wondering if that's been happening to some of the network printers too. Some people can't print to certain printers at the moment.


    EDIT: Ended up being a permissions issue and DHCP had the wrong Domain Administrator password.
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