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Wireless Networks Thread, wireless domain logon in Technical; Agree with what everyone above has said about not using the maker's utility, but allow windows to do it. I ...
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    Re: wireless domain logon

    Agree with what everyone above has said about not using the maker's utility, but allow windows to do it.

    I had the same problem with some Belkin wireless cards. My preferred way of installing wifi cards is to install the card drivers without the utility. There's no way of installing the driver without the utility for the Belkins, but the utility does allow you to switch it off and allow windows to manage the connection.

    Try logging on to a laptop as local admin then disabling the card's utility. It may take a while before it hands over control to windows. See if that allows you to restart the machine and log on to the domain. You may have to then use the windows utility to connect to the wireless network.

    (Someone mentioned DHCP. That will be a different problem. The only way I got round that with a 3com card was to allow it to act as a DHCP server with its own range).

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    Re: wireless domain logon

    Only just noticed this post but for the benefit of others I thought I would add a couple of relevant points.

    Acer, I had a couple of awful experiences with the BIOS. On one model they actually went away and re-wrote it for us!

    The BIOS would not enable the wifi and until the OS had booted and logged in locally the wifi would not work - what a pain. The BIOS update fixed it.

    Also the Acer soft key utiliy, if you rebuild your Acer images yourself ensure you include this OEM utility as the additional keys (INCLUDING THE WiFi buton) do not work unless this is loaded on startup.

    After that use XP SP2 with the WPA/WPA2 patch and at worse a user will need to enter the pre-shared key to use the WiFi


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