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Wireless Networks Thread, Censornet - System Requirments in Technical; Hi All, I know a number of you run Censornet. We are thinking of deploying it - but are concerned ...
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    Censornet - System Requirments

    Hi All,
    I know a number of you run Censornet. We are thinking of deploying it - but are concerned about what sort of server we need to purchase to run it. We are looking to run the commercial version using a single NIC just for proxy and filtering. We will be authentication against AD.

    We have approx 650 pc's - and would estimate that on a very busy day we might get 400 concurrent users on the net.

    I have read the suggested specs on the Censornet website - but does anyone have any real-life expierience with these kind of numbers? What sort of spec of server are you using?


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    Hi Steve,

    We run censornet V3 here on an old workstation, it has 512Mb Ram and 80Gb Hdd. It's a AMD 2Ghz athlon and it runs fine.

    We have about 200 computers and can have around 125 users going through the server at any 1 time, so not quite as many users as you have using it.

    It has 2 nics in, 1 to go to the internal network and 1 to go to the external network.

    We also have it authenticating against AD and it comes up with a little logon box when a user opens internet explorer.


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    i used to use Censornet V3 and found it OK. There were a few issues with it though that i found made it a little unstable. I used the open source version. If i left it over the weekend i would most certainly have to restart it monday morning as it would not accept connections.

    I did all the updates but still happened. it may just be me though.

    I have since had a trial version of school guardian which in my opinion surpasses censornet and has a lot more configuration options. I use ntlm authentication at the moment so users don't need to authenticate after logon but they are still logged and filtered.

    I can't remember if this was in the censornet version i used. It also integrates quite nicely with AD.

    After trying both of them i think we will go with the school guardian. support is really good, actually its great. they have helped me out a lot and i haven't even purchased it yet.

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