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Wireless Networks Thread, All ruckus AP's connected to one POE switch disconnected in Technical; Hi We had a new wireless network put in a year ago. Ruckus ZD 3000 and zoneflex 7300 series AP's ...
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    All ruckus AP's connected to one POE switch disconnected


    We had a new wireless network put in a year ago. Ruckus ZD 3000 and zoneflex 7300 series AP's with HP 2530 POE switches.

    It looks like over the holidays one POE switch has developed an issue. All the AP's connected to it have gone offline. The switch powers on, shows no fault lights.

    I cannot connect to it via IP address and get no flashing lights next to the ethernet ports.

    I've tried restarting it, changing the ethernet uplink cable, disconnecting all AP's. The only thing worth note is that the cabinet it is in was all powered off when we returned. restarted it and all the other switch and the POE switch came on :S

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tj2419 View Post
    Any ideas?
    After checking with a known working power connection, and making sure the APs work on another POE source, how about calling HP? It has a lifetime warranty and they will do a little diagnosis and send you a replacement.

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    Could be the config wasn't saved on the switch so was lost when powered down. Check the switch hasn't gone back to it's default settings and IP address.

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    Agree the switch could be in default state else maybe just factory reset it and reconfigure with the details you think it should have . HP support for switches is good I've had one with fault light , let them have a remote session and they couldn't solve it so replaced it next day.

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