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Wireless Networks Thread, Ruckus and Smoothwall again (sorry) in Technical; Hi, I have read all the stuff about this on here and am still at a pickle. I have created ...
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    Ruckus and Smoothwall again (sorry)


    I have read all the stuff about this on here and am still at a pickle.

    I have created 2 new VLANS on my SW box which work great if I have no security on the Ruckus AP. I am getting different IP's and the SW is sending the traffic out on the cables I want but I would like to try and use WPA Enterprise.

    My Ruckus is set up with a AAA server pointing to the SW box and a simple secret password. When I try from a laptop with the authentication enabled to core auth it just times out. When I test the connection on the Ruckus Controller is comes back with an error although this is stated as normal on the SW documentation. RADIUS authentication failed; username: k_baird, access point:

    I must be missing something really obvious here. Is it just the controllers that need to be setup in the SW WPA section or all the APs?

    My setup is the same as on this post Ruckus, Smoothwall & Radius

    Anyone offer any advise?

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    Did you get anywhere on this?

    I've got Ruckus and Smoothwall talking(*) but getting RADIUS authentication failed like you - this is when testing from ZoneDirector. You say the SW documentation says this is normal - can you point me at this?

    * if I change the IP address or such, it says timeout failed, so I know it's definitely talking.

    Our ZoneDirectors and APs are on the same subnet, so they should all talk the same.


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