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Wireless Networks Thread, What makes an Access point demand MANUAL reinput of password??? in Technical; Hi - I am currently covering as an IT tech at a school in Preston. I had had to upgrade ...
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    What makes an Access point demand MANUAL reinput of password???

    Hi -
    I am currently covering as an IT tech at a school in Preston. I had had to upgrade a Ruckus wireless system in order to activate some new access points and I have ended up with a problem.

    WHat seems to happening is that the access points are demanding that the WEP password is MANUALLY re-input. The only way this can be done is to disable all relevant Group Policies - then to re-connect each wireless device to a wired connection, log in as an admin user - disconnect from the wired and re-connect using the wireless
    The system will then demand the re-input of the WEP password and connect OK
    Then I need to log out and re-connect with a pupil (i.e. low priv) userid and then all is OK

    I beleive that the Ruckus upgrade has put the access points into a state that requires a MANUAL input of the password - i.e. the Group Policy parameters are not accepted.

    I want to be able to know exactly what has happened in detail so that I KNOW that I have fixed the problem and not just got round it for a while until some timer somewhere expires and it happens again

    SO - I would like to know what would force the access points to act like this - but I don't know the details of WEP at this level. I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me.

    Also - I have no idea why WEP was used instead of WPA2 - any ideas??

    Thanks for reading


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    This sounds more like an issue with windows to me unless you have somehow changed the SSID. I would not be happy with WEP as it can be hacked with automated tools in less than a minute. The only reason not to use WPA2 in the past might have been support from the OS in use but that shouldn't be an issue now. Getting 802.1x radius authentication is the best thing for domain joined computers and is not really that hard to set up, but like you say you are only covering so your scope for change maybe limited.

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