We have an odd issue here, with Airplay.
Originally our Apple Tv's were on wired connection, and we had an SSID for our windows managed domain laptops. Airplay worked great, but we had broadcast type issues with our domain laptops on our Wireless as I had enabled multicast on that SSID to make Airplay work.

Back to the drawing board!

After creating a new hidden SSID for my Apple TVs and iPads to use Airplay, sticking them on their own VLAN, getting all the ports tagged and Firewall rules set, we now have a weird issue I cannot resolve. The Apple TVs are all upto date 6.1.1 and both my devices are on 7.1.1

Airplay from my iPhone and or iPad Mini works fine, but the initial connection to any of our Apple TVs in school always results in a 10 second delay. Once connected, everything works great and it is zippy and responsive.

Our boarding housemistress has a 3G iPad Air and Apple TV 3 and the Airplay connection there is instant. Both my own devices still have the 10 second initial delay. We all have authentication bypass on our Lightspeed filter settings and same block level.

Both my devices Airplay instantly at home, and I have reset my network settings on my phone and pad but still the issue exists. I can only assume it's a Meru Config issue somewhere.

Any ideas?