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Wireless Networks Thread, BYOD and transparent proxies in Technical; Quick question regarding BYOD. It looks like we might be going down this road but I am finding problems with ...
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    BYOD and transparent proxies

    Quick question regarding BYOD.

    It looks like we might be going down this road but I am finding problems with several devices not liking authenticated proxies (IPads in particular).

    We have a transparent SWGFL connection and then have our own firewall (TMG) with Websense hooked into it for web filtering.

    I've tried turning off authentication on TMG and relying on Websense for authentication (using DC agent) but this wasn't truly transparent (it sometimes prompts for authentication when the user is already connected which causes no end of problems).

    So, I thought I'd ask if anyone here has had similar problems and how did you resolve them?

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    Hi there
    If your considering BYOD what are you plans for authenticating users? Will you offer your users access to your network as well as internet access?
    Unlike with school owner device, they aren't on the domain and you don't have control over what software/agents they have installed. The same goes for iOS devices, are users going to be configuring proxy settings or are you looking to push configuration setting to users that want to use the BYOD.
    You mention that you are connected to SWGFL which is transparent, which I assume is filtered. Could you provide your BYOD users a separate network (vlan) that provides internet access only through SWGFL? This would keep your network secure and provide users the ability to connect any device without proxy configuration. A simple web portal could be used for authentication if your wifi doesn't support it.
    Probably more questions here than answers....

    Andrew Turner
    Tel: 01621 859384 | andrewt@cablers.co.uk

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