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Wireless Networks Thread, Help Needed in Technical; Hi, We need a new wifi system and have quotes for various different companies. We have been asked to create ...
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    Help Needed

    We need a new wifi system and have quotes for various different companies. We have been asked to create a 1 side of A4 explaining to the governors why we need the new system. Has anyone had to do anything like this before so i have a bed to work from?
    Thanks in advance

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    We usually have to explain why we need to spend any substantial amount of money.

    I would go throught the following points:

    - What the wireless system is now and what is actually does
    - Whats wrong with the current system
    - What will happen if you don't replace it
    - What the new system will do and possibly how long you expect it to last
    - How you selected the new system (even if it isn't necessarily the cheapest)

    I think most Governors would be happy with that - they rely on your judgement as well so just want a breakdown.

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    For large projects all Non academic departments (basically, us and site) do a project sheet.

    A project sheet Goes like this:

    Formalities of who's in charge, who's deputy, which departments are involved, which budget the capex comes from.

    Paragraph describing the need and several paragraphs explaining the solutions proposed in the most laymen friendly way possible as it is usually presented to governors.

    Summary of the quotes obtained (we include the quotes as an appendix at the back).

    Our technical recommendations referencing the quotes.

    Rough project timeline.

    Hope that helps. If you get stuck I can forward you our template.

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