Il try to include as much info as possible on my first topic

Can anyone help il explain more

I have a linksys WET54g Wireless Ethernet Bridge, set up on my network and given it a static ip and can view the web page no problems. I then linked this to a HP P2015n Laser printer. I can see the printer web page but when i try to print a document to it the job light flashs but that is all that happens, and after 5 minutes the job errors in the print que.

Ive tried the following

- Unplugging and plugging everything back in
- Resetting the Bridge to factory and setting up again
- Tried using straight and crossover cables
- Tried putting a switch between the bridge and the printer
- Tried a completely different bridge a belkin one from home still the same
- Putting the printer straight into the network - This works but does not help getting it to print over the bridge

Im fastly giving up, im assuming print jobs are not sent to printers in ip packets.

Any suggestions???