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Wireless Networks Thread, Ruckus help in Technical; I am in abit of a dilemma at the min we have order some new ruckus ap points but was ...
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    Ruckus help

    I am in abit of a dilemma at the min we have order some new ruckus ap points but was un aware that the zone director needed a firmware update to make this wireless points work with our zd3000 (the guy at dabs told us that it was compatible with 9.4 and they ain't). With this guy sending us this we cannot send them back as the bursar ain't in and cannot order a support contract as ours has ran out about a week ago and cannot download the right firmware for the zone director was wondering if anyone could help me out or tell me what I can do as the access points have got to be in place this week as it is half term. Any help appreciated


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    Place the order for support and justify afterwards if you have the money in your budget. Other option do you have proof that the supplier said it would work if so you could try and get them to help you out with the firmware.

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    I agree with LukeC. Dabs (BT) are at fault here. You ordered in good faith and if they are a registered authorised reseller should have the clout to contact Ruckus and get you the firmware. I assume Dabs have not been paid for this yet so you could use this as a lever (threaten to send them all back because they are not fit for purpose!). Having bought and installed 50 of these I learnt too about the need for firmware upgrades. After hours of discussions I found CP Ltd (Computer Products Ltd) to be superbe providing me a secure website where all firmware updates and relevant documentation was only a login away. Of course I had to buy the AP's from them but once I did the service was exceptional.

    Be careful though - don't rush to upgrade to the latest firmware if by doing so some older Ruckus AP's are no longer supported, then you could have half the wireless network down. The ultimate advice is do your research before making any changes.

    Also - and I learnt this the hard way - take a back up of the Zone Controller config before doing the firmware update! I forgot once and had to completely re-programme the Zone Controller with a paper clip hard ware reset. This is not joke because then you have to often reset some of the AP's which do not auto connect. This may have just been owing to us having older ones which were 10/100 only though and using power injectors rather than full decent PoE switches on those AP's.

    Good luck
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    I know it doesn't help you right now but in future you can always buy your Ruckus through me. We are a Big Dog partner with Ruckus and I would have had a Ruckus engineer confirm compatibility before selling you anything, we would have done a free site survey on your existing kit to make sure you were getting the best solution also.

    If you need anything please feel free to give me a shout on 0114 242 7348.

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